Friday, May 23, 2014


Made it to the new high times Mecca in Amsterdam.  Barney's Farm grows their organic medicine indoors and in soil pots, not hydroponically.  They have a wide variety and some of the worlds most sought after strains. 
Very knowledgeable staff who are more than willing to discuss the distinct properties of each strain whether it be Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.  I was given multiples jars to smell, feel and examine.  Microscopes are available (no kidding).
So feeling emboldened by the cool atmosphere where servers offered Latte's and fresh squeezed orange juice. Knowing it was legal and socially accepted I made my move..  Just Pre organic fun.   Vaporizers provided as needed free of charge. I jumped right in. 
I choose a pure Sativa; rare and difficult to produce. 
This strain is the Legendary "Doctor Grinspoon".  Named after the first American physician to prescribe lithium carbonate for bipolar disorder.  He was a cannabis advocate, recognizing the many benefits of this natural herb  
Not surprisingly it was more expensive than the rest about $15 US. 
Benefits included strong standard Sativa stuff, but it emphasized increased energy bringing out the creative forces.
This stuff is in a class by itself.  After just a few shallow hits in the coffee shop area while sitting in comfortable booths, listening to strange European music with allot of bass playing from the ceiling I slowly melted into the leather seat.  ( see before & after pics). Time passed and a strong urge toook over to walk the mazes around the the Amsterdam canals and streets.  Getting lost, getting found and lost again guided only by the GPS we found our way to Central Station to take the train back to the serenity of Haarlem.   I know sit at my window overlooking manicured Dutch yards composing this entry. 


jherz said...

Too bad you can't take home some samples.

Ron Baum said...

So you'll be moving to Amsterdam when?? We've got a lot to learn over here.