Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Come to beautiful Haarlem

Beginning  to settle into this town after about three days. This place has a little bit of everything.  One local here called it a hick town.  Most people we encountered are quite friendly and happy to speak English with an American. 
One guy asked us what we thought of our President.  He said he does not understand why many Americans don't like him.

Yesterday we spent the day walking about three miles to the sea through some wooded paths along a car road.  Made it to the famous North Sea and got to wade in low tide water a bit warmer than I expected it to be.  The cool sea and hot sand combo made my feet feel especially good.

Today we biked along a winding nicely paved dune road back from the sea. Would have been totally lost without a GPS. When the battery quit I saw my favorite landmark- the white horse, who pointed me in the right direction home. 
The Dutch seem to have been born on bicycles as they effortlessly glide on those heavy two wheelers. I find that getting started and getting off them a challenge. Once you get going it's fine.  Stopping is a whole other story. 

Came home safe & sound. Cooked a fine dinner on a hot plate in the little kitchen.

The sun sets slowly in the west as it is still light here at 9:30. 

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