Saturday, May 24, 2014

Haarlem eats

The display appeal of product placement in the upscale food shops shows great beauty and high quality. 
For example the Holland equivalent to say Whole Foods is Marqt. These photos were taken there. Striking me most was the green cheese spiked with Pesto and the white asparagus, grown without proper sunlight. 
Shoppers cruise the wide aisles casually marveling at the selections. No one seems in a big hurry. 
Learned at the checkout line that Marqt has policy of not accepting cash, plastic only.   Could this possibly be a new trend?


jherz said...

Growing up we only had white asparagus. Cheese with pesto....sounds good.

DAEPRO said...

Thanks for reading jherz. I think I remember the white ones. My family called them spaarkle. I do like the green and purple top California ones. Have not tried the white ones. Restaurants very expensive here in Holland. Mostly cooking at home. ALDI Supermarkets are superb.