Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just Kids

It seems like I always have been a Patti Smith fan. Even before the Filmore, CBGB's or College.
I have forever been a sucker for sentimental charismatic Rock and Roll performers.
I think it began at Palisades Park, during one of the free shows that I went to with my parents on some Summer Sunday afternoons.
I remember it was Mothers Day and Bobby Vinton sang "Roses are Red My Love" and then he walked around the audience and gave all the Mothers a red rose. My mother was really touched and my Dad was beaming. It left a strong impression on my young psyche and I am left forever spellbound by a performer who can hold you in the palm of their hand the moment they walk on stage.
Patti never fails to spend a moment or two peering into the audience, checking us all out. She has a smile on her face that says I am so glad to be here and I would not want to be anywhere else than fronting this rock and roll band on this stage at this moment. That is why most everyone is spellbound riveted during her shows.
I know because to be honest I have seen here countless times. Most recently it was at Golden Gate Park in SF where she gave me chills during her rendition of the Rolling Stones Classic "Playing with Fire"
In going through my record collection I found this early 45 and somehow I don't remember how I got her to autograph it. So cool. Brings back so many dark memories of days gone by.

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Andrew said...

Piss Factory?? That was written by Richard Meltzer, no?? See who gets the credit on the single, would you? I knew Ms. Smith slightly after my days with the Soft White Underbelly when she was Allen Lanier's girlfriend. Somehow, he beat out the band's manager, Sandy Pearlman, for her affections. I think he got stung in the end when she dumped him for someone else. So it goes...