Saturday, December 04, 2010

Community gestures

In the neighborhood where I live one homeowner is establishing a shrub that offers passerbys the opportunity to express themself.

He supplies cardboard, manila labels with strings attached (no pun intended). Even a pen is available.He asks people to write down what they are grateful for & attach the card to the tree.

Occasionally he prunes the bush removing older posts, making room for recent proclamations.

In reviewing them many are quite touching most expressing gratitude for having someone to share life with.

In days of internet communication so prevelent this simple way of self expression for all to see is such a natural throwback to simpler times. I am grateful to have this shrine down the street from me.


Anonymous said...

SUCH AN INTERESTING NEIGHBORHOOD. There is something around every corner.

Andrew said...

Yoko Ono had a thing like this on the Mall in DC. It was a nice thing to find during my days as a bureaucrat with USAID. It brightened up one of my gloomy days when I would take long lunches and walk the Mall to stay away as long as I could from the office.

Anonymous said...

really makes you glad to be in Oakland California in this great neighborhood.