Saturday, July 25, 2009

Point Isabel

There is a paradise for dogs and their owners at this Park in Costa Contra County in Northern California.
It has every conceivable feature that makes a dog park great. Extensive clear trails, grassy meadows, rocky cliffs, breath taking vistas and the San Francisco Bay.
The dogs can run free, swim and cavort with a multitude of friendly canines. It appears big dogs and little pooches equally enjoy this fantastic place.
There is a the snack shop serves delicious coffee and there is even a shop that has stations in it so you can give your pet a nice hot soapy bath. They even supply the towels.
I have encountered some places where no matter what mood you are in the place puts a smile on your face. Point Isabel CA is one of them.
Do you know of a place that does the same for you? Let me know.


Andrew said...

Ahhh, for me the place that puts a smile on my face is Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I just got a message from a friend of mine from Peace Corps days who is living down there so I am feeling a profound longing for Guatemala, especially Lake Atitlan. I hope I will be able to take you and Cheska there one day and you'll see what I mean.

SEAN said...

Point Isabel is the place!
There are several incredible views of San Francisco. I am always moved by the changing weather. It's a diferent experience every time.
The dogs love to run free. They mix, make friends. I thinks it 21 acres of Off-Leash area. The largest in the country. That's something. But to me it's all about the scenic beauty.

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