Sunday, June 21, 2009


We spend most of our waking lives at work–in occupations often chosen by our unthinking younger selves. And yet we rarely ask ourselves how we got there or what our occupations mean to us.
I have been thinking do we choose our careers or do they in some way choose us.
How are lives are shaped by our jobs is incredible. Many of our social circles revolve around our careers. Interests, readings, classes all may entail stuff we do for our job.
Most of us have moved into their current profession when we were young, not realizing that now years later how enmeshed we are. Sometimes climbing up the ladder other times languishing at the same desk for years.
How many of us have thought if I had to it all over again I would do it differently?
How many would say I would do it exactly the same?

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Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Just beginning a new career in a new field: meditation practitioner. I decided to combine my love of people, my love of peace, my love of health, and my love of spirituality and move forward to forge my own way. Many might try to deter me, but most of those voices are not coming from a place of loving what they have. So, I am trusting that inner guide and going for it, once again! Every shot may not be a slam dunk, but if you hit the rim, you're in the game.