Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaving Tracks in the October Snow

My plan had always been to leave home for this journey before the snow flies so I was glad that we would be departing before November, but Mother Nature had other plans and there was significant snowfall for much of todays trip. The weather fronts do whatever they want and pay little regard to my desires. In the middle part of NYS we saw vistas that resembled a January postcard. This photo was taken on Rt 17 heading west outside of Binghampton.
My highlight of the day was seeing a bald eagle on the shores of the Allegheny River. He was standing on a branch with his white head shining as he gazed in the icy water swiftly flowing below.
We holed for the night in a comfy, warm hotel that accepted dogs in Erie PA. My primary requirement in choosing lodgings for this adventure is internet access so I can keep in touch with all of you during the time we are spending on the road.

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