Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day of contrasts

How interesting it is to travel the land during these waning days of the US Presidential election 2008. So many signs portray the divisions in this great country. The symbolism of these two structures that I have seen today epitomizes it for me as clearly as the colors blue and red. From the modern progressive commercial Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to a working dairy farm int the heartland.
I have seen allot in this 24 hour period, including the John McCain motorcade zooming by under heavy police escort on a usually quiet two lane Rt 6 in Rollerville Ohio. He was campaigning hard in this land of cornfields and cows trying to draw up some votes amongst the farmers and their kin.
On a more personal observational note I discovered how much I dislike the food that is found in restaurants on the road. It is as if peoples standards & expectations are lowered while traveling. I guess I was not born to be Gypsy.

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Anonymous said...

Scott is glad you stopped at Rock and Roll Hall.