Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat from the Heartland

There are some products that we don't see back east and one of them are ethanol pumps.
While traveling across the country I have seen vast acres of corn. I know that we are supplying grain to many countries around the world. However that amount of corn grown and harvested in the midwest staggers the imagination. In late October stalks are drying in the fields as far as the eye can see. This commodity is apparently not only used to feed people but now utiliized to power the engines and turbines of transportation of this region.
I have never encountered these ethanol pumps before and they are abundant here in Omaha Nebraska where I have landed on this Halloween night. A treat for the midwestern citizen because this energy source cost them a mere $1.79 at the local filling station. A trick because this food source has morphed into another use besides providing nutrition to a living 0rganism.
Omaha seems like a friedly place with people sitting on their Halloween decorated front porch awaiting the neighborhood kids and offering them hot dogs, candy and smiles. While walking my dog Ranger through the community he was also offered a roasted frankfurter. I respectfully declined for him. Happy Halloween everybody.

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jherz said...

We're enjoying reading your blog as you make your way cross country. I was intrigued by the ethynol and your other observations. Right now it is pouring in the bay area. It was sunny and 80 until a few days ago and now the rains have begun and will be on and off until March. Such is the winter here. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival.
Judy and Rich