Friday, October 10, 2008


Toward the end of this month our entire household will be moving to the Bay Area. It will be during this national election that we will journey across this great land to reach our destination on the coast of California.
I feel that during this historical episode in our countries history we are showing hope looking towards better times in a new city. While opposing the urge to hunker down with 'stores of grain and potatoes' we will take another path that will lead us to a more optimistic destiny. Reaching for the stars during a time when the news is all doom and gloom.
I will be using this site to record our progress as we proceed with this adventure and send you all notes from the field. Feel free to stop by occasionally for the latest updates.

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Anonymous said...

Marisa, Diane, and myself are all in disbelief that you are not coming in today. It feels very wierd to know that. I'm sure you are busy getting ready to hit the road. Funny that we might be getting snow as you are departing. I bet you won't be missing that! Bon Voyage....our best to you and Francesca, enjoy! we ar missing you already! Look forward to reading your notes along the way!