Saturday, January 26, 2008


Many households have some minor celebratory event on regular basis to make the work day week all the more worthwhile. In my home it is Friday (my favorite) and it is Pizza. Someone brings home a fresh pie from their special place and we do it up.
I usually like to bring home a cheese pie uncut and add the following breaded fried eggplant fresh portobello and roased garlic. Top it with fresh basil & parsley when in season.
Others have it all put together by the masters themselves.
Pizza places often called for a Friday pick up are Antonios in Amherst, The Red Rose Springfield, River Shark Cafe North Amherst. Looking forward to trying Pizza Amore Northampton.
Do any of the many regular readers of WHOLEINTHEDONUT have a frequent favorite happy meal...Leave a reply. I promise I won't poke fun at you.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is pizza night on fridays too... From The Red Rose!!!

JPBeckley said...


Found your blog from ACD-L; read through everything I could find. Had to comment that over 31 years of marriage and raising one child (our son is now 21 and off in the Army, but safe in the USA for now), we have had many special celebratory evenings through the years. Before the kid, we would go out some nights (I was a chef for about 15 of those 31 years, so not of Firdays!). Also before the kid (and for a number of years after), we would make Swedish Hash on Wednesdays. My wife and son would have pizza and a movie on Fridays when I was working; later, after I left the kitchen life, I would be part of those Fridays. Mostly we made our own pizzas, dough to toppings to table. We have discovered Pagliacci pizza here in the Seattle, WA, area. These days, there's no pattern, and it's kind of sad.


Anonymous said...

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