Saturday, January 19, 2008

Unquomonk Reservoir

How can one lose a body of water, just like that? Well it happened right here in Williamsburg MA. There once was this placid, enchanting and remote reservoir that we all loved to hike to with our dogs and let them swim, maybe take a dip ourselves on hot summer day or just sit and study the serene natural beauty. To everyone it felt like our own private place. A spot to show only our special friends who always felt blessed to be trusted with the knowledge that such a wonderful spot existed just a brief hike away. The walk to the Reservoir through the dark cool woods was just far enough. Just when you thought am I almost there yet it appeared shining in the sun. A generous reward for the exertion of trudging through the underbrush.
Then suddenly without warning some beaureaucrat decided that Unquomonk was a hazard to the public and unsafe. It had to be drained removing the allure of the water and relief from the heat and humidity of a New England summer. In the Spring of 2007 the dam was opened allowing the life giving water to run off creating a mud hole slowly being taken over by briars and weeds. What happened to the frogs, fish, snakes, birds who lived off its enviorons? A rhetorical question that can not be fathomed.

I have not returned to this natural retreat since the dam was burst. Just can't bring myself to do it.

A friend of mine who moved to the area from California used tocall Unquomonk her "Little Lake Tahoe". She will no doubt shed a tear for the loss this community has experienced with the pulling of the plug of her place of dreams.

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