Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ticks, Dogs, Brooklyn & Me....

Spring is here and although I have looked forward to it I have fallen victim to one of its hazards.
Frolicking in the early morning in Brooklyn's Prospect Park with the dogs Ranger & Oscar was allot of fun. I did not expect to find a fat engorged tick feeding on my abdomen later that night. I removed it & the resulting wound looked raw and mean. My friend who I was staying with has no first aid supplies in the house so I could not clean it as well as I would have at home with the peroxide or betadine. I was thinking of going to Brooklyn Methodist hospital but it was well past midnight and I thought that there are so many more serious medical emergencies that I would look like a total neurotic wimp.
Upon my return home, 36 hours later I visited my friendly neighborhood physician who examined me and thought that some tick body parts may still have been imbedded which he said would eventually work themselves out. Not too worry. I was prescribed a hefty dose of doxycycline. Two large pretty sky blue capsules both of which to be taken immediately.
It has been a long snowy, cold winter in New England and as I welcome the warmth of the sun, one now finds comfort in the frozen blanket of snow and ice that covers the parasites that exist dormant underneath to plague us with many viral poisons.
The old expression of winter being "the great purifier" rings true to me loud anbd clear.
Happy Spring anyway to all of you.

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