Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wildlife sightings here and there// mostly here.

A local resident sent this notice about what she has seen this early Fall. Some of these sightings are highly unusual in these parts especially all in the same day. She is a reliable source though.
I do wish that the pack of coyotes will move on and stop snacking on them chickens.

Here is a description of what she saw:
"First it was the huge bull moose with a full rack of antlers Tuesday morning on her road while she was running. He came out of a swamp and walked right in front of her, crossing the road slowly, giving her a long stare before he ambled into the woods. No need for something that big to fear a lone jogger. A car slowed behind her as she waved it to a stop. The woman driver's jaw dropped too. Speechless. And this morning it was a pack of coyotes after the chickens (first one showed up, grabbed a bird and took off, then the pack and her dog chased them away the second time). The dog was gone half an hour and she worried but he came back just fine and barely panting. Then just last night she heard a noise outside the dining room and not one, not two but FOUR bears, a mom and 3 large cubs, walked across the darkening deck not five inches from the French doors where she and her husband were sitting (inside) and eating apple pie for dessert! Did they smell the pie, are the animals striking back at the development up here, who knows? It certainly got the adrenaline going. He grabbed for his ever present camera but it was too dark for a shot. Mama gave one baby a swat as he tried to climb a tree and they continued up the hill through the trees.
She is hesitant to ask, "What's next?" Life in the country."

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