Friday, October 12, 2007

The Clothesline

Climate change is so much on the minds of all us at this point. What can we as individuals do but to be more mindful and creative in our attempts to prevent or at least slow the apparent inevitable.
Despite my obvious pessimism I thrive to reduce the environmental impact I have on the planet every day. Driving a low emmissions car, recylcing all my edible scraps feeding them to my chickens, heating the house with wood harvested on my land within feet of the house and drying my clothes in the sun on a clothes line like my Mother used to do.
I remember going with my Mom to the roof of the six story apartment in NYC to hang out the wash. Several others were up there too armed with their wooden clothes pins or folding freshly dried laundry, gently placing gleeming white sheets in yellow plastic baskets . Chatting up a storm with eachother while enjoying the breeze of a dry sunnyday.
I carry on this tradition and loving it as I hang the wash on my line facing south behind the house underneath several pine and birch trees. I always like to see our clothes flying like colorful flags blowing in Spring, Summer or Autumn wind. On occassion it is even not beyond all reason to get the job done under optimal conditions in the dead of winter.All can be right with the world when one hangs out clean clothes to dry in light of the sun.

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