Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween?

This holiday season in New England we see all sorts of displays that are designed to frighten & scare us. Devil worship, celebration of death and the wearing of costumes at work or school becomes the norm. In their disguises people wear out their fantasies be it violent, sexual or political(I understand the most popular mask this year is Hilary Clinton which may include all three).
I noticed this lawn ornament on my way to work this morning while driving the back roads of Western Massachussets. I was particlurly appalled to see this in light of the current racial climate that has crystalized around this symbol in Jena Louisiana. The yard was filled with other Halloween paraphenalia pumpkins, skeletons and the like but this center piece caught my eye. Am I reading too much into this symbolism, being too thoughtful or PC. Should I rather enjoy the spirit of the witching season and not let my own mind wander into a more sinister place. Could it be better to think of this as someone having fun with their own ignorant, yet innocent demons.

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