Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Last night you looked at me and I felt you ask"Why are you leaving"? Well Ranger we live in a beautiful place with its dark woods, green fields and comfortable house. I love it here and I know that I would be more than content to live here forever. However we have this need to learn our history, experience different cultures and see new, exotic places.
Your family will be traveling far from home living in European cities like Frankfurt, Messel, Berlin, Prague, Heidelberg, Cologne and Amsterdam. We will be traveling on jets cruising over vast oceans, on trains swiftly rolling on smooth rails and in cars driving on foreign roads.
It is through these adventures we learn who we are and where we've been.
The life of a dog is so much less complex with none of such desires for new horizons. So Range keep chasing those rabbits and sleeping in the shade with your pal Dj. May your days be filled with cool nights, long walks in the woods and fun with your temporary caretaker Gwen.
We soon return and with a new appreciation for our home and that special bond that we share.
Till then, be a good boy my friend.


Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip! we will be thinking of you, and when you return, we will need to get together for a walk into town, and a bite to eat, and you can fill us in on your travels.. sounds like you will have a great time: Just make believe you are CANADIAN! thanks to our horrid sitting President, he has created an international negative attitute towards us.. BUMMER! am sure you will prevail, and what the heck, maybe you will bring 'good-will' for the rest of us!


Judy said...

Have a great trip, I'm anxious to read all about it.