Friday, August 18, 2006

Life creates life

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We were away on vacation in Europe for exactly seventeen days. While away our barn was filled with all sorts of activity. Hidden in a dark corner of an empty stall on top of a small mountain of pinewood shavings a red hen was busy setting on two of her eggs. It takes three weeks of patience for her to hatch out those eggs to little chicks. As luck would have it Mr Rooster did his best and fertilizied these brown orbs. When we returned the process was in motion and a few days later the Mother Hen proudly displayed the product of all her effort: two healthy, hungry little chicks following her around whereever she roamed. She is a wise bird and stays safely within the confines of the stall she now calls home. All are doing fine drinking fresh clean artesian well water and eating the corn mash we regularly toss in the dirt. It is a pleasure to witness the young ones scratch and peck searching for their sustenence. They are a true testimony to perpetual hope and survival of our world.
Thank you so much Gwen for being so kind and taking care of our house and home. This one is for you.

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