Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Perils of Bird Feeding

Posted by PicasaHere in New England we have a variety of wild birds that migrate and live in the Valley. It is a pleasure to hang a feeder near a window and watch the various flocks feast. Often seen are Black Capped Chickadees, nuthatch & finches of all varieties. There is a pair of Cardinals who are regulars at the old seed shop. It is a rare occasion when something more exotic drops by but today I saw an Oriole.
Blue Jays are loud, aggressive birds-scaring away the smaller ones. They also eat a great deal and therefore are a nuisance. Squirrels also can hog the feeder and take most of the seeds back to their nests high in the pine tree. Not cool; since after all I am trying to feed birds,not the squirrels.
For last Fathers day I thoughtfully recieved a specially designed pole that made it impossible for the squirrels to take the seed from the bird feeder. It worked fine the birds were happy and had a regular supply of Black oil sunflower seed. The kind most birds preferred. The seeds were also a favorite of other wild animals. On a cold dark night in early spring bears came, bending the pole while greedingly, gorging themselves on my bird food. They even ripped apart the feeder requiring some minor repair.
Despite the nuisances and pitfalls I continue to feed the little winged creatures and marvel at the nature they bring into to my yard. I am a loyal friend to the birds.

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