Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring rites

This usually happens every Spring. Just like the ancient tribes who burn food that are not acceptable to eat during the Passover holiday, we burn brush in the garden. This has the benefit of cleaning up the yard of fallen debris that accumulated during the winter months as well as burning the remains in the vegetable garden including some of the seeds that have the potential to grow into unwanted vegetation competing with the vegies for soil nutrients. It is always my hope that it will cause me to do less weeding. But as a friend has told me many years ago is that gardening is not how well you can grow things but how diligent you are in pulling out the weeds.
The beauty of keeping a garden is that it inspires hope that the earth will cooperate in providing sunlight, rain & conditions conducive to growing a bountiful crop of food to sustain us for yet another year.

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