Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Welcome MASSLIVE readers

I like to think of wholeinthedonut as an online magazine of sorts. Most of the photos and articles are my own work. I also will publish work from other creative folk around the valley and around the world. The internet sure has made the planet much smaller. I try to enclose blog entries that represent who I am. Reflected in that I like to comment on what is happening locally and around the world in nature, art & politics. I typically begin an entry with a photo and create some thoughts around it. However for this entry I am enclosing no picture.
Thank you for reading my weblog I hope to write and publish my first novel soon.
Feel free to look through the archives in which I discuss the origin of the blog title, Winter Solstice at my new job, reviews of just realeased CD"S as well some cool poetry from guest writers. I even have an ungoing saga of a runaway man and his dog. The list goes on and on
This is an interactive entertainment source so please feel free to make a comment on any entry. Trust me I read them all.
I want to thank MASSLIVE for giving us the opportunity to promote this new art form.


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures from what I hope is the last of the snow we will see for a long time. I enjoy seeing people photography from the area. I have dable in photgraphy for fun and think it is great to see what other local people are doing. Look forward to reading and seeing your work.

Pat B.

kfly said...

Thanks, Daepro, for the Your Stories shout out. I appreciate your thoughtful posts. I especially like your post about your chickens and your father. I hope you continue to post on Your Stories NOrthampton.


Pete said...

Danny I just now have gone through many of your short essays, and found them to be quite informative and entertaining !!! As I was reading reading them I could picture us sitting in your office at M.A.T.C. It almost seemed like it was EONS ago, but it also felt like it was yesterday!! I will try to visit this site more often so that I can enjoy the memories that we share from a happier time in life!!! As the saying goes "Tanks For The Memories"