Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blues from the Keys

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improbable ocean
rolling profuse blues and aquamarine green sheens
at me
riffed and rollicking
frothy sleeved wave after wave
word/pictures jammin’ bending palm tree logic
saxophone sexy sensuous loyal and stubborn

BLUES baby

wave after wave of bikini beach bodies
already tan brown as Café con leche
tourist jurists consumer products for sale
just like America

you’re in Key West NOW baby
your intellectual property has been transferred
to an off-shore island account
you can’t access with some kinky plastic card

you’re in Key West NOW baby
you gotta party
to find out who you really are

you gotta party hard and DEEP
like that snorkeling Wall Street lawyer
butterfly kicking and dolphin diving
firing bullets into the headboard of the bed
havin’ the best sex of his life
with some lithe Thai transexual ladyboy
who looks like the girl next door he married
dressed up for the high school prom
low cut dress cuddling cumquat twat breasts
and some intervibrational empathetic
lurking hungrily below a lavender silk teddy
to teach that frugivorous lawyer
his satin ladyboy
is neither one nor the other
just the ultimate metaphor for the 21st century

So glad to have another literary contribution to the blog. Always great to a have a collaborator with a gift. All thanks and praises for the poem above go to Steve Rozwenc of Haydenville.

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kenneth said...

that poem is da bomb man!