Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Life as a Cattledog

Posted by PicasaHeading west on route 89 in central Vermont one eventually reaches the Route 91 interstate. . Route 91 heads south to Massachusetts or north back to Canada. The driver unfamiiar with travel then has at least a 50/50 chance of heading in the right direction home. Last night at 10pm I received a distress call from my daughter who returning from her Spring Break trip to Montreal inadvertently headed North on 91 back to Canada instead of traveling South home to Massachusetts. She did not realize this until Derby Vermont a few short miles from the Canadian border. She wanted to be home in the worst way and refused my offers to stay in a hotel and drive south in the light of day. Spring Break is over Monday. She and her group needed to be in Connecticut by Sunday. I think that she wanted to come home sleep in her own bed for one more night, pack all her stuff and take a leisurely drive back to College. So she insisted on driving south another 150 miles or so back home.
She also indicated that she wanted my wife and I to meet her midway in White River Junction to help guide her and make her feel less insecure . At first that sounded like a really glum proposition for us but the idea of an adventure and rescue sounded like it was necessary, so off we went heading North on Route 91 to Shepard my daughter and her traveling companions back home. We rendezvoused perfectly using cell phones like an ancient navigator uses the stars.
We met in a convenience store parking lot and looking inside discovered Vermont tee shirts selling five for $20. I bought each one of us a shirt forever bonding us to this moment.
Many miles later we safely arrived in our driveway. Although it was early in the AM those warmed over Italian takeouts from the Red Rose tasted like the best meal we ever ate. The kids were so grateful it brought tears to my eyes. I was immensely glad that our family remains this tight and that we continue to be supportive of one another. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.
I have always been drawn to herding dogs. Currently I am the owner of a Cattle dog and prior to that I was also involved with other herding breeds. Last night I understood the instinct of these magnificent animals whose drive it is to keep the herd together and moving in the right direction. I so felt like a herding dog bringing my flock home.
Although this tale is mostly true some of the information is embellished to illustrate the feelings of the moment.

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