Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flying the coop Posted by Picasa
Reality sets in and Pete knew what must be done. Even Fella sensed that things were going to change real fast. They instantly switched into survival mode. He did not think that anybody saw him go near that car or emerge from the woods with a hefty bag thrown over his shoulder. But what in G-d's name was he going to do with all that cash and how to deal with that narcotic. No doubt it was risky and hot but he was sure it was worth some big money. He questioned whether unloading the coke would be morally wrong. Unleashing that stuff to the street did not sit well with him but what should do? He thought about building a hot fire in the wood stove and throwing the bricks in. Cremating them for all they were worth.
He knew that no matter what he had to vacate the cabin in the woods and leave town. Using any of that money would certainly draw attention to himself. He had to head to a big city where he would become anonymous enabling him to blend in and start putting the cash to good use.
Not wanting to burn any bridges he did not incinerate the drugs. He carefully wrapped the bricks in several layers of plastic pracatically shrink wrapping them. Placing them in a sealed poly garbage can and stashing them in a small cave deeper in the Piney woods upstream from the cabin he thought he saw his fate unfold. He gave a hard exhale.
He put the bills and other essentials in a backpack and at dusk walked into a new adventure filled with hope and confusion. Fella wagged his tail and led the way down the dirt road traveling east.

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