Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Equinox in Bennington Vermont

Posted by PicasaTo celebrate the start of Spring our small family took an expedition north to our favorite Diner the BLUE BENN. Although we got really hungry and cranky during the longer than expected journey, once we entered the sanctuary of the little blue oasis our mood shifted to satisfaction. So many calories, so many delicious choices. Whatever you order is great & memorable. When it's done you always regret it and wish you tried something else. Some of us had traditional breakfast with a twist like sour dough french toast. I had eggplant almond enchiladas with the most out of this world refries. You can't really go wrong at the BLUE BENN. Expect to wait for a seat though the joint is always crowded with College students, housewives and real Vermont working guys. Nice atmosphere. Bring your appetite.
After the food we had to walk off the meal so we headed to the Bennington monument on top of the hill. We were overlooking the mountains right at the precise moment of today's Spring equinox. The winds were blowing briskly dropping the wind chill to uncomfortable levels. Although it was now officially Spring Vermont still felt like winter.
There was no one around cept for the Vermont Catamount standing watch over the old Bennington Tavern where revolutionary war soldiers found solace in their camraderie and beverage.

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Anonymous said...

good job capturing the essense of the Blue Ben. I wish I could have some of those sourdough pancakes again right now!!
-Love you,