Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Curious Dog

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Do you ever wonder what you would do if you won the lottery. This is not about such a lucky person rather it is a fictional account of this guy Pete who's dog Fella found a hefty bag filled with two bricks of white powder and twenty bundles of hundred dollar bills stashed in a deserted wrecked car while hiking in the snow filled woods of Pennsylvania sometime in 1992.
Upon closer inspection the bricks produced an acrid taste in mouth and numbing sensation to his tongue. It made his heart race a bit. He did not know much about these things but he pretty much figured the stuff was cocaine. He was right about that. He counted the cash and it came to over fifty thousand dollars. WOW!
Now under such circumstances what would anybody do. The first thing that he did was tell Fella what a good boy he was. He reaped praise to no end on his best friend. He then thrust the black plastic bag over his shoulder and proceeded down the hill until he reached the dirt road. It was about a three mile hike before he reached his humble abode. His heart was beating hard and he felt out of breath. He was excited and he needed to think. He lit the wood stove and sat close to it listening to the cracklin birch and feel the warmth come over him. Not wanting to turn on the lights he sat under the dim glow of a candle.
He fell asleep and dreamt of cars, cruises and beautiful women. He woke in a cold sweat. It was dawn and the fire had long died down.
He knew then what he had to do.

Come back to the Whole In The Donut soon to learn about his bold plan

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