Monday, August 04, 2014

World War One

I am not sure how relevant or publicized the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the Great War is in the States but in this part if the world it is highly regarded as an historical moment worth commentating.  Especially hard battles were fought on this ground below our feet. 

There is a media blitz about this event here in Munzingen located very close to that fluid border between Germany & France.  People are talking about it for sure, radio programming is full of memorials and there are allot of flags flying. 

History is not easily forgotten around these parts as their are so many French towns with German names.  We had the opportunity to visit a few today here in Alsace or Elsass.


Andrew Winters said...

Almost nothing here about the beginning of WWI. The news had a couple of very brief segments and that's about it. Too bad but us Americans don't really care much about history - that's why we keep repeating it endlessly: Korea, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, Iraq 1 and 2, and Afghanistan. Not to mention all the fun stuff the CIA has pulled since WWII. All of these things are variations of the same theme.

DAEPRO said...

Thanks Andrew. You confirmed my suspicions. History has a much longer and deeper history than across the Atlantic. I drank a beer last night from a brewery that began working in 1293!