Saturday, August 02, 2014

BXL wouldn't be anything without the Z's

Without these two guys are days in Brussels would have been radically different.  They were gracious hosts who endured my food issues with characteristic boyhood teasing. 
Having met years ago in Negril Jamaica our friendship has blossomed and endured across the ocean. Because of meeting them and that strong connection I feel the world has become a smaller place..

They helped reintroduce me to The Pixies.  As a result I strongly suggest giving their most recent album "Indie Cindy" (orange cover) a listen. 

Their house is a neat interesting mix of rock nostalgia, well organized vinyl, toy racing cars, posters, Genesis memorabilia, computers, musical instruments & pasta.  Incidentally I learned a whole new better way of preparing the stuff which may have changed my life for the better. 

It is this father and son teams combined sense of history and political savvy that made for the most interesting discussions pretty late into the night.  French champagne not withstanding 

We will not soon forgot that week in July 2014 as it the best of times that can hopefully be recreated sometime again, somewhere in the future. 

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