Friday, August 01, 2014

Brussels (BXL)

So happy to have been visiting Brussels last week. Staying with fine friends who were great hosts and recommended some great off the beaten track places to discover. 
This city is so known for it's many attractions: chocolate, French fries and waffles.  As well as a macho name that rhymes with muscles  (John Claude Van Dammes nick name is "Muscles from Brussels)

In addition to this fun stuff the city is home to the European Union and many important international decisions are made there. 

It also has many classical ancient buildings and an abundant amount noir architecture. 

 While there we took a tram ride from the center of the city into the woods with a final stop at 
huge city park named Tervuren. Featured in the park was an African museum which no doubt was related to Belgiums colonial history in the Congo.  Unfortunately the museum was under renovation so we could not enter but there was a few related sculptures. 
           Also visited a portion of town called Anderlecht (Otherlight).  It is where the philosopher Erasmus came to rid himself of illness.  This fresh air and country light seems to rejuvenate him in ways he could not imagine before he came.  

Anyone recall a band called SLADE?  They are still performing in Europe and we got to sample the show in a small country festival an hour or so outside of Brussels in the Belgium countryside. Some of the members have been together and they still rock. 
As for the food I was least of all most disappointed in the pomme frites. They seemed crisp enough but were for the most part frozen then fried. Much prefer the fresh cut, skins on variety.  Am now also partial to sweet potato fries. 
Anyway the appeal seemed to be with the various sauces  glopped  on top.  Did not try that,maybe I missed out on another gourmet treat due to my food issues. 

So much more to say about our visit but will post again soon. 

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