Thursday, July 17, 2014

Haifa Israel.

There are places that I will remember all my life and this city is one of them. I had pictured a small port city with nice Mediteranian beach similiar to Tel Aviv.  I was pretty much wrong. 
It had a short coastline and then rose up in steep hills. Most of the residential area was located among a narrow concrete warren of switchbacks leading up into the hills. Much of the homes were multiple floor apartment buildings, many in various states of disrepair. 

I was there for a brief two days during war torn stressful times.  At the time this northern city itself was relatively safe from Gaza rocket attacks from the Hamas in south but I was still glad to make my exit. 
Driving south to Tel Aviv on July 9 to catch the flight to France brought thoughts of rockets on the Ben Gurion Highway, at the airport or a direct strike on the Air France Airbus.  Fortunately we arrived in Europe safe and sound. 
The jewel in Haifa's crown The Bahai Garden seemed nice enough but we did not have time to explore especially a reservation to enter was required. Photo opportunity from the outside should suffice.

The apartment we rented was located up in one of those hillsides overlooking much of the city. It could have been a spectacular view but made me feel even more unnerved listening to reports of military actions and the vehement rhetoric of hate coming from both sides. 
Now I am writing this in the serene summer of the French countryside where every business closes between 12:30 -14:30 just to appreciate life and joys that it brings. Strongly wish some of that love could be transfered to the Mid East on an airbus like I was able to safely get out of Haifa. 

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