Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blanzay France

We have a great friend who had the vision and wisdom to purchase a 300 year old farmhouse in in the French countryside.  To me this place is a palace. Cream colored stone walls, multiple solid out buildings,  acres of land with multiple fruit trees and rooms so large you can park a truck in them.

The area is totally flat with limited car traffic, within easy reach of a cute town that fosters a friendly community. Has a wonderful Bread bakery  and patisserie that produces warm crusty bread in the morning as well as the most delicious pastry. The sort of stuff that one only dreams about.  
It looks like their version of a black and white cookie oddly enough is called a divorce. Struck me as funny. 
Sunflower and wheat fields dominate the horizon as far as the eye can see making for a truly majestic scene. Sunsets are golden painting this place as a paradise on earth. 
Best of all though it brought two long time friends Cheska and Janet together who were as happy with each other as I was with the countryside. Thanks Janet for sharing a bit of your world with us. 


jherz said...

It truly looks magical.

Andrew Winters said...

When are you moving there?? Save me a place...