Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tel Aviv

Been so involved in the life force of this city that I have neglected posting. More than other locations we have visited so far this place embraces so many of the senses I find it hard to slip away and write. 
Between swimming in the warm blue Mediteranian, visiting the Carmel market with its spicy smells, roasting coffee, bright colors and the loud cacophony of the sellers calling out their wares.  Samples pushed into your fingers difficult to resist I often surrender.
Be wary at this place because they can easily take advantage of ones innocence to the ways of the bazaar. 

The old city in Jaffa with its narrow alleys, limestone walls and steep granite staircases holds many artistic treasures, too many take in with just one visit.  It is here that we first heard the haunting Muslim sunset call to prayer. 

We tried to run early in the morning to escape the scorching sun. This morning was hottest so far. Returning to air conditioned apartment I was drenched. Feeling each drop stream down my back was another sensation not often felt quite like that. I will spare you the selfie. 
Tonight I say good bye to Tel Aviv and it's glorious beaches for the dry Negev desert of Arad. Am certain this will be a totally different experience.  Nothing is however like I expect. 


jherz said...

Those figs look scrumptious.

Ben K. Greenfield said...

I like the photos a lot - especially of the figs and the sea!