Monday, June 30, 2014

Busy Monday in Southern Israel

Woke up early at 4 to ride to Madada to catch the sunrise and to have a more cool, comfortable walk up the steep slopes to Masada. It is an ardourous task to make this climb but it is so worth it. Seeing the ancient fort is indescribable in words. I took so many photos in the morning light that it will take some time to distill them all. 

Following that we drove to a beach to take in the hypersalinated waters of the Dead Sea.  You cannot swim in this as the buoyancy affects your equilibrium. It feels like you are defying gravity.  The water temperature is hotter than a bath tub and has a thick almost oily consistency.  
We are told that it holds beneficial dermatological properties.  People with skin conditions flock ther as evidenced by the folks present taking it all in. Not pleasant to look at it and it makes one feel grateful that they have good health with intact skin. 

Following that we headed up the hill to a forested area that held flocks of sheep and vineyards.  Grapes on the vine were beginning to form with a promise of harvesting in several weeks. 

While at dinner we were watching the World Cup when the game was interupted with the news that the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli boys were found. This sent shock waves throughout the restaurant. Once again a grim reminder that beautiful land will not know peace. 

Tomorrow we drive on to Jerusalem with the hope that we can continue on this wonderfully in eventful journey and somehow this part of the world can live together without war. 


Ben K. Greenfield said...

Don't drink the water from the dead see - I am told a mouthful is lethal!

DAEPRO said...

Thanks Ben.. Just getting a few drops on my lips gave me a salty taste for hours.