Monday, June 16, 2014


Loud cheers, explosions, sirens wailing, police in riot gear are street scenes observed during tonight's Football game where Deutschland soundly defeated Portugal 4-0.  People took to the streets watching from makeshift street corner arena's.  Televisions were set in front of stores and crowds gathered to watch. 
Not much of a fan but we are being drawn into the atmosphere of nationalistism and minor mayhem.  Fans of all genders, backgrounds and ages were out and about enjoying themselves while supporting this strong team and showing their pride in being a German. 
President Merkel was in Brazil watching her team from the stands. The fans gave her applause each time she was briefly shown intently watching the game. 
Certainly did not anticipate this sideshow during our month stay in this fascinating city of 3.3 million people.  Quite enjoying it though as we took it all in eating felafel and tofu sandwiches which were smothered in sweet peanut sauce. 


Ron Baum said...

Lets Go Rangers !!! I guess the World Cup will dominate the press, which is a lot better than all the other crap going on. You've been on the road about a month now, so I'm looking forward to see what type of an accent you'll come back with. Keep having fun und stay vell.

jherz said...

Hopefully they did not sing, " Deutschland Deutschland uber Alles".