Saturday, June 14, 2014

Settling in Berlin.

Have been in Berlin now for almost three weeks, we are beginning to establish somewhat of a routine.  Rising early starting the day with a 5k run.  Then a well deserved breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, muesli mix, fresh rolls and jam. Occasional pastry thrown if needed. 
Time to enjoy playing the Taylor on the outdoor deck five floors up,overlooking the trees.
Usually then take an extended walk from Neukolln to another part of the city. Initially being reliant on a GPS but now more familiar with the layout on our own with too much navigation assistance. 
Favorite route is Pannierstrasse, through Gorlilitzer Park(Gorli) eventually crossing the Spree over the Oberbaumbrucke. This bridge was the primary pedestrian crossing point between the divided city. 

 From here we often go to a museum with our convenient pass which has already paid for itself.  
Then home for a Danny salad and out to dinner. Dinner time is much later for us than at home.  Usually finish after 9:30!!!
 Meals are internationally varied, delicious and most important reasonable.  
Rainy day Saturday slows the pace down, fitting after last nights 2 am bedtime following a show. More on that later. 

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Ben K. Greenfield said...

I sure hope you got a chance to feast on the Schweinshaxe
( This was quite a culinary experience...