Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Oakland CA

I have had a minor preoccupation with the Occupy Movement. As a social movement the odd pairing of both the young and the poor makes for and interesting phenomena.
Looking at the crowd in Ogawa Plaza one sees an odd mix of young political types hangin with the homeless who have migrated there for the safety and additional shelter this encampment has provided.
As these two fringes blend it seems to create a community that has never existed before and perhaps a greater understanding of America today.
Where young people who are burdened with a lower prospect of job opportunities and exorbitant student loans payments are paired with the underclass suffering from an insurmountable amount of poverty.
If this movement continues to grow where it will bring us is anyones guess but I am watching from the street and drawing my own conclusions.

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DAEPRO said...

It's over as of this morning with riot police coming in at 5am and throwing everyone out.