Monday, May 02, 2011

Burial at Sea

May 1 2011 will be a day remembered as the day it was announced that the man who apparently masterminded and ordered the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC ten years ago was killed by the US Military where he was living deep inside Pakistan.
Coincidentally May 1 (1945) is also the same day it was announced that the German dictator Adolph Hitler was also no longer among the living.
Some people serve as political symbols and when they are killed it brings a huge degree of satisfaction. When these larger than life characters are finally brought down it gives us an opportunity to take great joy in their demise. We see this occuring throughout history.
Bin Laden's death of course does not lay to rest the terror that may still us in the future but it does allow the people of US to feel they have gotten revenge for the attack that changed our country forever.
Is this an end of era? Most likely not, but it does make many Americans feel better. If one can feel good about someones death then this is a good news day.

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Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Wow, hadn't read the synchronicity of those dates. What is that karma about, I wonder? Well, my thoughts are that feeling relieved at the demise and death of an individual who stands for and perpetrates evil does not expunge that inclination in all human beings. So it is a short lived false sense of psychological relief. I think the deeper question is understanding the mental illness and misperception that instigates others to follow and capitulate in this madness. Unfortunately, not all minds are strong enough to find real power where it truly lies: within.
Until a greater conscious evolution comes upon humanity, we are destined and at times doomed to suffer the consequences of mental illness. Much of this violence seems to be moving through males of our species so I think we should carefully investigate what cause lies at the root of this tendency.