Sunday, September 20, 2009


Those of you who really know me are aware that I have been a Bakery Boy my whole life.
In my past in NYC I had friendly relationships with smiling bakery ladies. One whom regularly opened the bakery door early just for me, allowing me to choose my own Black & White put it in a bag and leaving the exact change on the counter. They always seemed to have a special smile for me recognizing my extreme zeal for the products they sold.
In my new California neighborhood there is this unique bakery that sells a more wholesome product but nonetheless has drawn my regular attention. Although the don't carry the frosted delights of my youth some of the scones, muffins and "chocolate things" produced there have now made me a regular.
The worker/owners don't yet recognize me and they don't carry the look of the NY pastry ladies who all reminded me of my Mother but the bakery does make a nice breakfast. Arizmendi for the time being has become my go to place making my Saturday morning hunt for something to make my weekend special the place to be.