Thursday, January 01, 2009

Personal Photo of 2008

It is the road and open sky that is ahead of us. Last year at this time I would have never thought that I would making this life change. It is the unexpected path that has been placed before me and I have chosen to take the walk. It has been a long drive across this country and eventually landing on a warm, comfortable island in the San Francisco Bay. So far removed from the harsh New England winter that my people back east are being forced to endure.
Not only geographical has these changes been but also the abrupt lifestyle switch. Wrapped up in this upheaval is searching and landing a new Social Work job and now looking for a new home to contain our dreams for the future in these strange economic times.
We have been a part of a social shift in which we witnessed our country elect a new leader who promises change and hope. The task before him and the rest of our world is filled with risk. We are all on the road moving forward toward a new era that can provide challenges and hopefully rewards and an improved life for all.

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