Monday, December 22, 2008

My Chanukkah Miracle

I think a miracle is when the force perhaps G-D makes the impossible, possible. This is a very minor miracle if one at all, but I do have a story to tell.

After recently relocating I have felt displaced from my community. Hanukkah crept up in me and I found myself looking to purchase candles on the first day of the holiday. There were no appropriate candles to be found in several stores and supermarkets. I said if I can't find the Hanukkah candles I am going to move back east. In desperation I phoned the local synagogue and asked the voice on the other end if they knew where I could buy Hanukkah candles. He said they are hard to find here but he could give me a box if I got to the synagogue in 15 minutes. I did not know where the place was but I located it on the map and off I went. I found the temple with no problem and there at the front was the box and a man who introduced himself as the Rabbi. I told him of the problem and he asked me to not be a stranger and off I went content with the knowledge that we as a family can celebrate the Holiday.

I am not a particularly religious man but I enjoy the rituals and traditions that keep the culture alive through the generations. To me having successfully be able to follow them is important.

The other more significant miracle is the fact the we have made this transition into a new location and are adapting to a new life in here in California. Yes miracles do happen to people everyday if you are able to recognize them.

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