Thursday, November 06, 2008

traveling with dogs, luggage & plants

Our journey is drawing to a close as we plan to be in the Bay Area tomorrow. We have covered over three thousand miles and seen many incredible sights. I have to admit that I have become somewhat road weary today and look forward to establishing a home base. Traveling in the car for over 8 hours a day, eating road food and not excercising is beginning to take its toll both physically and mentally. This has been a great trip with an exciting episode that brought us much joy with a Democrat getting elected as President.
Having our two dogs with us has brought us outside more often having to tend to our pets needs. People tend to interact with travelers walking their dogs around hotels and this has been a great way to have side conversations.
Suprisingly Ranger has adjusted well to being a nomad and has even pooped on a leash something he is not at all accustomed to do doing. I imagine that must have been difficult.
Tonight we have settled in Virginia City NV another cowboy town which seems like a throwback to another era. I threw some quarters in an old fashioned slot machine in a local saloon and of course it took my money like any other sucker.


mikemathew said...

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Marisa said...

Hey Danny...What a week, huh? On my way to read through your travel entries now....glad to hear Ranger is adjusting. Missed you yesterday at the conference....I'm sure you were equally sad to have missed it. ;-).....Marisa

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to your destination. Your blog is beautiful and the writing superb. Hope you all get to rest soon!

Happy weekend!