Saturday, November 08, 2008


Plants have the capability to adapt and grow out of rock. All that may be required to sustain their life is sun, minium nutrition and occasional bursts of water.
I respect the plant because I have survived and prospered during this mid life cross country journey. People that we encountered during the past 3700 miles seem astonished as I watch their jaw drop, asking me all sort of questions. Some need a brief lesson in geography, others ask about the weather or are more philosophical inquiring what it is like to make such a change.
Adaptation is next order of business for us. Making social contacts and friends is perhaps the most crucial and difficult. Orienting to the community, the stores, the parks, the restaurants and the weather is all part of the journey that has now has us settled in the little island community of Alameda CA.
Shoreline Apts where we are currently residing is directly across the street from a beach which overlooks the San Francisco Bay and of course the city itself. Down the road within walking distance is a 24 hour supermarket, all sorts of shops, restaurants and a US Post Office. I have not experienced this sort of convenience in 20 years. Is it easier to adjust to country life from the city or from the city to the country?.. The jury is still out on that one.

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