Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Alameda

Although I am not soaring over San Francisco Bay I am living the high life in Alameda.
This is a wonderful island with all the imaginable amenities. I have had positive experiences with everyone that I meet. Not a rotten apple in the bunch so far.
I have explored most of the island from coast to marina, visited the inland lagoon and seen the colorful houses in its interior all by bicycle. There is even a more rural island connected by a bike path bridge which brings me along a a quiet country road eventually reaching a spot called Bay Island Point. Reminiscent of Race Point in P-Town except the horizon here exposes the San Francisco skyline.
Even the dogs have made an adjustment enjoying socializing at the dog park where they help introduce me to new friends.
Reality that I live here has not yet set in so when it does please do not wake me up.

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rich6 said...

Welcome to a slice of heaven brother. I'm still not over it and it's going on 3 years...Rich C.