Sunday, May 13, 2007

Is this the last generation?

My friend's 16 year old daughter became quite upset by her High School Science teacher telling the class that he believes that theirs is last generation on earth. He told them that Global Warming will claim the planet and that as a result of pollution produced by humans the end is near. I think that we are indeed on the brink of catasphrophe but all is not lost.
This may be last generation who will not have to think about conserving our natural resources and squandering away what little we have left. It is this generation that will be forced to use their wits to survive and create alternative ways of energy production, transportation and disposal of waste. The millions who lived before them lacked the vision that these young people must confront to survive. We should have known better but were too blind or selfish to make the effort. Now those who come after us must or all shall perish. They must act as if the impact that they make on the planet will affect the seven generations that procede them.
I do not have any answers but have come to realize that we must trust these young folks to command us to a higher order to help our lovely planet earth and the humanity that it houses to survive. As the elders we must help and encourage them in this commitment any way that we can.

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I don't know why there have been no comments on this blog. It is so well written and tells everyone alive how it is concerning our planet today. I am going to read your piece in class on Friday and tell about you and your blog.