Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have signed up as a volunteer to make phone calls for encouraging Americans all over the country where close elections are being held to vote for the Democratic, Progessive candidate. As a result I have held conversations with men and women about the election and issues facing this country. People are concerned about the Iraq war and the economy. Many people in Virgina were poor and I remember one woman saying that her utility bill was larger than her mortgage and she wondered which one she would be able to pay. She could not afford to pay both.
Another woman told me that she was 85 and that she had been voting since she was in her twenties. I told her that she was a true Patriot. I could then hear the pride in her voice.

One women told me her son was a soldier in Iraq and she prayed for him and his young wife everyday. She was voting Democratic hoping they would end Americas involvement in the overthere.
It seems that the overwhelmingly amount of people in this country now support a party whose platform promotes a quick end to the war. I wonder if a referendum about the American/British military involvement was held in Iraq it would reach a similar conclusion . My suspicion would be that most of the poplulace would favor our easing ourselves out of their country ASAP.
Even with Sadam in power the life of the average citizen was better off then. The situation is drifting toward total chaos now according to a report by the US military last week .
One person from Illinois told me to move on myself. I will not hold it against him or the rest of his State.
I am going to continue to make these calls until election day Tuesday. This kind of Grass Roots organizational work is going to raise my political conciousness and hopefully create some positive changes in America.

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Bill Levinson said...


I recommend that you call on behalf of your local Democratic Party and not

It is on record that knowingly and willfully-- and this has been proven not only from correspondence records with but MoveOn's own Action Forum FAQ page-- allowed its Action Forum to serve as a platform for racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic hate speech of the worst kind.

By "hate speech" I do not mean criticism of Israel or pro-life political positions, but remarks directed specifically at Jews, Catholics, and to a lesser degree African-Americans. The remarks went far beyond poor-taste ethnic jokes to blood libels of Jews, blanket insults of Catholics, and references to prominent African-Americans as "house slaves." Some of the anti-Semitic material is similar to material that actual Nazis used to perpetrate the Holocaust, e.g. accusations of divided loyalties and Jewish "control" of everything under the sun. (The Huffington Post, meanwhile, displayed for a short time a picture of Senator "Jew Lieberman," as they call him at's Action Forum, in blackface-- thus using African-American coloration as an insult.)

Needless to say, given's lies to the public about this controversy (its press release of September 2), it is no surprise that MoveOn "forgot" to tell grassroots volunteers like you.

The Democratic Party is respectable. is trouble, and I would not recommend associating your or anyone else's name with it.