Monday, September 18, 2006

Roastin in Orange

Posted by Picasa There was a whole lot of stinking fun this past weekend at Forsters Farm. The garlic growers of the North Quabbin served up their finest fare. Many varieties and colors of the delicious bulb were on display and purchased. Even served Garlic Ice Cream. They also had maple sugar cotton candy, roasted chili peppers and cider donuts. Many local artists dislplayed their well made crafts.
Great entertainment. Including performers (gaia roots) who said that "drumming and dancing are their passion." They traveled all over the continents to exotic places to learn dances from world masters. Dar Willliams a prolific and beautiful song writer sang and accompanied herself on the main stage. A powerful stage presence she held the crowd of over a thousand in the palm of her hand. Thanks Dar for making it back to Western MA for this cool event.
Parking was crowded and many had to park down the road from the event. As I was walking up the rather steep hill I was reminded of my time at Woodstock. This time it did not rain and the September sunshine comfortably warmed the green field. The entire experience put on by the fine folk of Seeds of Change was so cool I think that I had the best fun I had at a festival since the seventies.

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