Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five years ago....

This is a real photo taken on September 11 2001 of a group of young people in New Jersey enjoying a late summer day while the tragedy unfolded on the other side of river in NYC. To me it symbolizes how far have we come since Muhammad Atta and company deliberately crashed those passenger planes into the towers. With the exception of those who were directly touched by falling concrete, burned in flames or smothered by the dust for the most part we have moved on. The economy did not collapse, nor did the nation implode. Surviving even prospering despite the anthrax & color coded warnings of homeland security. The world stage reacting to this tragic act was at first sympathetic now has turned hostile toward our country and its leaders. Our current struggle is with the wrong turn we took in Iraq and how to find a better path.

Our world was rocked that day. September 11 has become a touchstone for all Americans. On Monday ask those around you where you were on that day and no doubt you will hear a long story of how this historic event impacted their lives. People feel very personally affected by this act of terrorism.
I believe that we should adapt September 11 as a National day of remembrance to pause and reflect on what happened and how we can continue to nationally heal in a positive, progressive way without damaging the democratic ideals that we all hold so dear.

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