Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Very eggciting Art exhibit at Meekins.

Bill Rohan is an astonishing man with amazing eyes. If there is anyone I know who appreciates that gift it is Bill and he showed the world today in Williamsburg. His extensive collection of eggshell mosaics is beyond belief in its beauty and detail. He reports that this show was five years in the making. Taking the most minute piece of eggshell and using those erratically shaped grains of sand to form stunning visual images. His masterpiece self portrait is a must see. He even has a mummified eggshell wrapped nude statue {modestly placed maple leaf} of himself.
He also uses the eggshells to form words, poems and idiosyncratic eggy phrases. Seeing this show is a privilege and I can't but comment that was an eggcellent way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon in February.

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