Saturday, January 28, 2006


Sinead O'Connor Posted by Picasa
This is the first music review for THE WHOLE IN THE DONUT.
I recently bought "Throw Down Your Arms" a wonderful cd recorded in Jamaica. It features Sinead on vocals with Sly & Robbie performing the reggae rhythm section. And yes the percussion and bass do smoke. Cool Jamaican horns also float through this marvelous music.
Sinead seems to have developed an Irish affinity with the Island of Jamaica and it seems as if she is having a spiritual experience with the Rasta lifestyle. There is so much to be praised about "Throw Down Your Arms" that it deserves a turn on your CD player. You can sample some choice cuts on her website:
By the way I made some slight changes on the format of my blog. You now don't have to be a blogger member to make a comment. So please feel free to express yourselves. Respect now.
Also I have a included a site meter so that I can see how many hits I am getting with this developing creating endeavor.

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